Adventure showers

Temperature: about 15-36°C

Taking a shower is not only about getting clean. Our special showers provide an entirely new and pleasant experience. Adjustable water jets, lateral and overhead shower heads, regular/massage/eco- jet, drizzle, country rain, rain shower, scented rain, inspiring fragrances, pleasant lighting… our special showers and shower cabins are high-performance and multi functional. We can guarantee that. From top to bottom: Consultation, planning, construction, maintenance. With our special showers you will be as right as rain and may just start humming "I’m singing in the rain…".

Our special showers are always a treat and are pleasant and relaxing. A variety of fragrances of various intensity, ranging from pinewood to apple blossom, will stimulate your senses. The scents add an entirely new quality and let you experience a shower in a whole new dimension. They will help you breathe free and you will begin to feel good from within. Carefully selected colours restore harmony between mind, body and soul. You will feel relaxed, balanced, happy and content. Our special showers will make you feel simply great.