Family alpine hut sauna

Temperature: 80-100°C; Humidity: 10-30%; Duration of a sauna session 10-15 min.

Sauna (Fabula, Naturalia, Stubensauna)

With its changing stimuli of high and low temperatures, the sauna offers mental and physical relaxation, creates a variety sensations, boosts performance and helps release waste products and toxins from the body. The entire cardiovascular system as well as other metabolic functions greatly benefit from sauna therapy.


Effects Of The Warm-up Phase

  • Rise in body temperature (skin +10 degrees, core +1 degree
  • Increased metabolic rate in the skin as an organ
  • Perspiration
  • Detoxification
  • Normalisation of blood pressure
  • Increased blood supply to the skin
  • Relaxing effect on the muscular system and psyche


Effects Of The Cool-down Phase

  • Normalisation of body temperatures
  • Oxygen saturation of the blood
  • Stimulation of kidney function
  • Calming effect on heart rate
  • Increased peripheral blood circulation
  • Mental stimulation
  • Sensation of being refreshedn


Overall Effects

  • Cleansing the skin, skincare and stimulating cell regeneration
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Cardiovascular stimulation and adaptation
  • Stimulating the pituitary and adrenal gland systems
  • Harmonizing the vegetative nervous system for general well being