Infrared sauna

Temperature: 40-50°C; Duration of a sauna session 20-30 min.

The heat generated from the infrared rays produces a pleasent atmosphere and a great sense of well-being. This strong sense of comfort is achieved when the body temperature is in harmony with the room temperature. This means that there is a balance between the external temperature, the internal one and that given out from the body.

When the energy exhaled from the infrared rays comes into contact with the skin it is immediately transformed into heat. In this way the blood circulation is stimulated. The optimal blood supply makes it possible to directly absorb the heat trough the body. With the molecules all moving about, the penetrating heat from the infrared rays enterst he body.

The homogeneous distribution oft he air, the steady humidity and the relatively low temperature produce a pleasant perspiration. The intense heat causes the water molecules in the body tob e activated. The cells are renewed, the blood circulation is increased, the metabolism stimulated and the oxygen supply improved.

All in all in the infrared sauna you will benefit from the enjoyable heat in a healty and complete well-being enviroment.