Panorama chill-out room

Your mind and spiri twill benefit from the different bath treatments with numerous fragrances, oils, essences, colours, relaxing music and other aspects of wellness programs. Brain neurotransmitters and “happiness hormones” will lift your spirits. Liver and kidney metabolism, the action oft he bowels, and blood oxygen supply are regulated. Many organs will be better supplied with blood which increases vitality, productivity and individual well-being. To maximise these effects you should take valuable rest periods. Discover the joy of taking things easy.

You should take the opportunity to relax after every bath. Saunas, Kneipp treatments, fitness programs, hay baths, lifestyle showers, Vitarium…and all the multi-faceted wellness experiences are most effective if you sit, lie down or simply stroll along afterwards. In total peace enjoy the feeling of your skin, scented with flower petal baths and enriched with fine essential oils and let yourself have a great time Completely at peace.

Cosy rest rooms, relaxing water beds, warmth providing recliners and health recliners, among other things, invite you to almost endless possibilities to take a rest.