Water Beds

Rest and relaxation

Waterbeds are simply ideal for rest and relaxation. Waterbeds were successfully introduced to various spas and therapeutic institutions where they proved their therapeutic value and economic viability, and are now becoming increasingly popular for a new quality of sleep. A rising number of individuals suffer from back problems due to poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and being overweight.

Waterbeds relieve these conditions while you are at rest! There is no need for time consuming, strenuous back training. The combination of the warm surface and the floating sensation relieves the vertebral column, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

The waterbed provides even support for your body. This reduces pressure in problem zones and promotes free blood circulation. The vertebral column automatically comes to rest in a natural position and is equally supported over its entire length. This is an ideal position to relieve the intervertebral discs during the resting phase.

Apart from these pleasant effects, waterbeds offer a series of hygienic advantages. The mattress of the waterbed forms an impenetrable barrier to dust particles and prevents the accumulation of residues.