Majestic. Impressive. Unmistakable.

Discover the South Tyrolean Dolomites

Iconic peaks with bizzarre shapes, rugged rockfaces and a natural landscape to die for – the Dolomites are so uniquely beautiful that in 2009 UNESCO declared them a World Heritage site. The peaks that millions of years ago were washed by the primordial Panthalassa ocean now rise majestically to 3,000 metres above the sea, attracting a constant pilgrimage of mountaineers from near and far, all eager to gaze upon their beauty and challenge their might. The rich tapestry of local legends and the unmistakable character of the Langkofel and Plattkofel have no doubt contributed to the popularity of these mountains, as did their portrait by Gröden-born film director Luis Trenker. Formed from fossilised coral and magnesium-rich limestone, the Dolomites impress with around 350 peaks reaching 3,000 metres, seven nature parks and one national park, to the delight of walkers, hikers, cyclists and extreme sports fans.

For us at Hotel Albion in St. Ulrich, it’s such an incredible privilege to be located in the picturesque Grödnertal valley, in the heart of the Dolomites, and to be able to enjoy their unparalleled beauty whenever we look out of the window.