Passion for the mountains.
Love for tradition.

Gröden – a land and its people

We feel very lucky to enjoy such a special location in St.Ulrich, Gröden’s main town. Being nestled in the middle of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, affords us the best view of the spectacular mountains that are part of the Puez-Geisler and Schlern-Rosengarten nature parks. And if that were not enough, we also enjoy a unique view over our village, with its charming Alpine scenery during the day and  its sparkling sea of lights at night.

Ortisei South Tyrol

A land of legends and handicrafts

St. Ulrich is a picturesque little town with the most charming shopping mile in the Dolomites. It’s not actually a mile, rather a pedestrian zone brimming with leisure and shopping opportunities. Art and handicrafts have always been a staple in Gröden’s culture, and the fact that they still are to this day should come as no surprise. The people of Gröden are in love with their homeland, their language (Ladin) and the mountains that surround them. They have always been strongly rooted and proud supporters of their traditions and arts.

The local woodcarving tradition has developed into an art so fine that it has earnt Gröden a certain renown far beyond the South Tyrolean borders. The thriving woodcarving workshops that line the streets and alleyways of St. Ulrich bear witness to this success. International-niveau sporting events such as the Super G have also contributed to putting Gröden on the map, of course. The area can also boast several world-famous personalities: Hollywood music legend Giorgio Moroder, mountain film pioneer Luis Trenker, skier Isolde Kostner and ice skater Carolina Kostner all hail from St. Ulrich.